Should I Get a Massage Before or After My Marathon?

13 April, 2017

By Cecile Charrier – Backspace Sports Massage Therapist


Why does running lead to tight muscles?


With the amount of running you would have done to get to a marathon distance, your body will have gone through a serious amount of stress. Think about it, what do you do when you run? You jump from one leg to the other a few thousand times. Due to the impact on your joints, and the need for your muscles to activate and stabilise your body in this “single-leg exercise”, you will develop stresses in certain muscles and over time, this can cause some discomfort in your joints (especially knees for example).

You’ve done your mileage in the dark rainy days, managed to stick to a healthy diet (as much as possible), did some stretching (when you remembered) and got yourself some new running kit because, well, why not?! The time has come and your marathon is approaching. Only a few days left to wait before you cross the starting line with another few thousands keen runners, to the sound of music and cheers from friends and family.


Why massage should be done before race day


Is there anything else you could do to prepare you for the big day? Do you have aches and niggles from your accumulated mileage?

We can help you perform to the best of your abilities and make the run a little more comfortable.

Massage is a fantastic was to;

-Ease the tension and stress in the muscles

-Help with lactic acid accumulation

-Prevent potential injuries by allowing the muscles the flexibility required to avoid pulling on the joints they cross over.

Have a sports massage a few days before your race and not the day or two before, as you may be sore following the treatment and we can’t have you limping to the starting line!

So what about after I finish the race?


After 3-5 days, once your body has just about managed to deal with the immediate after-effects of the immense achievement you’ve just managed, Come and see us to help rid your muscles of that excess tension, get some stretching done and get yourself back to your old self again. Whether or not you intend to ever run again, we assure you that you will be back to your normal self in no time!

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Our very own Chiropractor Owain Evans at the 2016 London Marathon (mile 26!)