Who We Are

Our team of knowledgeable and friendly practitioners have an immense combined skill-set, and are guaranteed to have the right tools to help you get back to being the best that you can be.


Owain Evans

Doctor of Chiropractic

A Welshman from Cardiff, Owain is Backspace Clinical Director and a Registered Doctor of  Chiropractic. He graduated in 2009 from the University of Glamorgan with a Master of Chiropractic degree.

His treatment style combines joint manipulation; soft tissue massage, stretching and acupuncture dry needling to give a highly effective all-round improvement in symptoms. This along with exercise and simple advice ensures he gets the best results with his clients.

He believes that most patients with back pain, neck pain or other musculoskeletal complaints do so for simple reasons. He is always determined to figure out the cause of the problem, rather than just treat the symptoms..

“A Chiropractor shouldn’t just alleviate pain. They should also show patients how to take control of their conditions, by giving them the techniques to help themselves”.

He loves exercise and all movement, food, music, and is always learning to improve his skills in any way that he can. You might spot him with his hard-to-miss Bernese Mountain dog – Lenny (see below).

As well as a chiropractor, Owain is also:

  • a REPS Level 3 Personal Trainer
  • a REPS Level 2 Gym Instructor
  • an Advanced Tri-Planar Kettlebell Instructor
  • Certified in Dynamic Neuromuscular Stabilisation (DNS)
  • First-Aid qualified

Mark Mullan

Doctor of Chiropractic

Originally from the Emerald Isle, Mark graduated with a Master’s degree from the Welsh Institute of Chiropractic. He is passionate about inspiring people to become more active, as he firmly believes that being healthy and active leads to a happy life.

Whether it be working with high level athletes or those simply looking to become a little more active, Mark makes it his goal to inspire and help his patients to realise their full potential.

Mark makes use of spinal adjusting techniques alongside a variety of other treatment methods including soft tissue work, dry needling, fascial release and targeted exercise prorgammes. Mark utilizes a holistic whole body approach with the aim of finding the dysfunction behind the pain and so correcting the real cause of your issue.

Mark is a bit of a health nut and is slightly in love with his smoothie maker. He enjoys training using kettlebells, bodyweight techniques and practices yoga.

As well as a frequent theatregoer, Mark is a bit of a bookworm and is also a part-time poet.

Emma Kenton

Doctor of Chiropractic

Emma graduated from the Welsh institute of chiropractic with a distinction in her masters of chiropractic degree.

She first became aware of chiropractic after receiving treatment in her teenage years following a sporting injury and this highlighted to her how chiropractic treatment can help people achieve and maintain optimal health. Sport has always been a passion for Emma, playing netball competitively for over 15 years and taking  interest in a variety of other sports.

Emma believes in addressing the cause of the problem and equipping you with the knowledge and exercises to help self manage and decrease the chances of re-occurring episodes.

She uses a variety of techniques including massage, manipulation, dry needling and K-Taping in order to best suit her patients needs.

In her free time, Emma enjoys going to the gym, playing netball, cooking, baking and travelling


Davina Sherwood

Specialist Musculoskeletal Physiotherapist

Davina is a Musculoskeletal Physiotherapist with 12 years experience specialising in the treatment and rehabilitation of sports injuries. She obtained her Bachelor of Science Degree in Physiotherapy in 2005 from Cardiff University and further enhanced her qualifications with a Masters of Science Degree in Sports Medicine, Exercises and Health with Distinction from UCL in 2012. She brings a wealth of knowledge to her practice and offers a clear and concise consultation to all her patients.


Davina has worked within a number of sports including: acrobatic gymnastics, judo, rugby and dance to name a few! Her main interest, however, lies in adapting her practice to each individual to ensure they reach their desired goals in a smooth and efficient manner. Her treatment techniques involve manual skills such as joint mobilisations, taping, soft tissue release and acupuncture, and also more active approaches in the form of running re-education and exercise prescription. Being incredibly active herself she is passionate in her desire to fix you!


As an individual Davina enjoys regular yoga, running, weights training and climbing and has a background in equestrian sport. She loves meeting new people and approaches all her patients with a compassionate and friendly demeanour.

Sports Massage Therapy


Sports Massage Therapist

With a degree in Sports rehabilitation, Cecile is dedicated to helping a wide variety of clients, from office working weekend warriors, to marathon runners, iron-men (and women!), and body builders.

With a wide range of skills such as trigger point therapy, fascial release, muscle energy technique and various sports rehabilitation techniques, she can alleviate stress, ease pain and correct muscular imbalances.

If Cecile is not with her clients, she can be found drinking coffee at the local cafe, running through obstacle courses with her friends or going back home to France to visit family.

She has also worked for events such as the London Marathon, but her favourite is the 24h Le Mans in-line skating race in which she has taken part for the last 12 years as both a therapist and competitive skater.


Sports Massage Therapist

Peter has always been interested in health and fitness. Previously a keen runner he developed a strong interest in CrossFit and Olympic Lifting a few years ago. Having picked up numerous injures over the years Peter has visited a number of different health and medical practitioners to keep him fit and healthy. As part of this fitness journey, Peter decided to become qualified himself as a Sports Massage Therapist to learn more about the body and its function. Peter is also a qualified level 2 fitness instructor and certified for functional movement taping by Rocktape.

If Peter is not throwing barbells around or trying to walk on his hands, he can usually be found eating somewhere or sweating it out at CrossFit events. Little known fact – Peter used to represent Great Britain riding horses around show jumping courses.

Reception Team


Reception Team

Joy is fascinated by human relationships and uses her passion to help people overcome challenges. In addition to her role at BackSpace, Joy is an accredited Life Coach and says: “very often, we just need to adjust our attitudes and habits a little to experience happier, healthier lives”.

Of course, Joy is interested in her own personal development too, and is always ready to learn new skills. As well as being a longstanding member of two amateur orchestras, she also takes every opportunity to play her oboe with other groups, whenever the occasions arise.

Watch out for her wicked laugh, it’s quite contagious!


Reception Team

Philippa hails from sunny Pembrokeshire, West Wales and enjoys nothing more than a relaxing beach walk to blow the cobwebs away.

In addition to working at Backspace, she is a trained actress and can be found auditioning or out at the theatre. In her spare time she practices Yoga and loves nothing more than spending time with friends and family, reading and playing the piano.
One of the many joys of working at Backspace is meeting so many people and the relaxed vibe she gets to work in every day with her fellow receptionist ladies.  No two days are ever the same!


Reception Team

Elinor is originally from the South Wales Valleys, and loves going back home to take in some countryside air on long walks with the family dog!

Aside from working at Backspace, Elinor is interested in writing and can often be found scribbling away in a notebook in one of Clapham’s many cafes. She hopes to become a children’s book author one day.
She also enjoys photography, discovering London’s hidden gems with friends, travelling, and experimenting with different hair colours, because life’s too short not to have fun hair


Reception Team

Nicola has a huge zest for life. Having completed her studies at Bedfordshire University, earning a BA in Media Productions, she has been active on different media platforms, promoting those causes close to her heart.

With extensive experience in customer service and retail, going the extra mile by making people smile or laugh is what makes her happy.

Nicola is always on the look out for adventure, and loves to be busy. Whether it is going to local events, going out for a stroll, crafting or enjoying those few and far between moments on the sofa with a book, a TV series or family.

“What I love about working at Backspace, is hearing how much people have benefited from having the treatment and how they feel afterwards”.

Away from Backspace, Nicola contributes to the local community, by working for a charity that helps vulnerable adults. .




Lenny is Owain’s dog, and although he has no official qualifications in health & fitness, he has been known to have a therapeutic effect on his Owner.

He loves chasing cats and squirrels, and pulling Owain around like a rag doll on daily walks.