What we do

With or without pain, injured or not, we help you achieve your goals. Our talented chiropractic team combine traditional methods with a wide range of physiotherapy and osteopathic techniques. And our personal trainers are specialists at working with injuries, so you can train with confidence.

BackSpace Chiropractic

Doctors of chiropractic are experts in the mechanics of the body. They understand how it should function and can diagnose and treat conditions of the spine and limbs. All our chiropractors are GCC registered, and covered by all major health insurers.

At Backspace, your chiropractor will not just treat the symptoms, but also discover the root cause of your condition and give you bespoke corrective exercises to minimise the risk of re-injury.

They are trained in a wide variety of techniques, some of which include:

  • Joint adjusting techniques for the spine and limbs
  • Dry Needling Acupuncture
  • Muscle-taping
  • Deep Tissue Massage
  • Active release therapy
  • Muscle Stretching techniques
  • Fascial release
  • Bespoke exercise rehabilitation
  • Dynamic Neuromuscular Stabilisation
  • McKenzie Method
  • Management of Disc problems

BackSpace Fitness

Our holistic approach to personal training at Backspace focuses on making you functionally the strongest version of yourself possible.
The structural integrity of the core is our first priority before navigating peripherally to improving overall strength and mobility.

Services we are proud to offer:

  • Strength & Conditioning
  • Mobility and Movement Coaching
  • Calisthenics
  • TRX Training
  • KettleBell Training
  • RunningAnalysis
  • Sport Performance Preparation
  • Body Transformation
  • Pre & Post-Natal Training
  • Soft Tissue & Joint
  • Rehabilitation of joint and muscle problems

BackSpace Massage

Finding a good massage therapist can be like finding a needle in a haystack. But rest assured that when you come for a massage at BackSpace you won’t be disappointed.

Our therapists blend a wide variety of techniques to make sure they achieve the results you need. These include:

  • Sport and corrective massage
  • Advanced deep tissue massage
  • Swedish massage
  • Myofascial release
  • Neuromuscular technique
  • Instrument assisted fascial release
  • Muscle energy technique
  • Joint mobilisation
  • PIR/PNF stretching
  • Active release therapy (ART)

We can help patients who are in pain, or those who wish to melt away the stresses of modern life.

BackSpace Running Analysis

Have you ever considered how you run?

There are hundreds of different running styles, and not all of them are good for us. Common errors can lead to injury, especially over longer distances.

How do your arms swing? Do your feet cross the midline? Are your trainers exacerbating the problem, rather than helping?

During your running analysis, our team will watch you walk and run on our treadmill, and use slow-motion video analysis to demonstrate where you might need to make minor changes to run pain-free.

Your visit will include a detailed case history and thorough lower limb biomechanical examination. Following this we will perform a series of functional tests to look for muscle imbalance and firing pattern errors.

You will receive a report of all findings and home exercise programme to help correct any problem areas that have been identified.

Our Philosophy

Moving well is at the heart of our philosophy, as for us this is the secret to a healthier more fulfilling life.

We achieve this through our huge range of combined skills:

  • Deep Tissue, Sports, Swedish and Remedial Massage
  • Muscle Energy Techniques
  • Functional Fitness and Personal training
  • Dry Needling Acupuncture
  • Stretching
  • Joint-adjusting techniques
  • Posture Assessment
  • Muscle-taping
  • Functional Movement Screening
  • Running Analysis
  • Developmental neuromuscular Stabilisation
  • Advanced spinal rehabilitation